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31st March 2013: Superstition inspired metalwork jewellery.

When just snooping on the internet, i came across a group of fine artists whom created some fine jewellery and metal work inspired by Superstition: the main source to our groups unit x.
It was the Eighth Annual National Juried Exhibition of Fine Jewellery and Metalwork on the April 12 to May 26, 2012.
They all collaborated to make individual and unique pieces each inspired by a different superstition.  Some i personally think are to liberal and to literal but some are quick qwerky. 

Voodoo Charm Necklace” by Shona Rae.  Sterling silver, 18 karat gold, black, champagne and white diamonds, pink and black tourmalines, rubies, 22” long, with removable Voodoo Dolls.

L’Enchanteur” -Best Utilization of Pearls by Guy-Yves Hotte.
Sterling silver, gold, pearls, peridots. This was inspired by her childhood memory which As a child, come nighttime, se believed there was a spirit hidden in the bottom of my wardrobe, scepter in his hand. Today, this superstition without believing in it, her habit continues.  The ultimate detail of the jewellery piece are on the golden handles. Just like ¨SPEECH IS SILVER BUT SILENCE IS GOLDEN¨. The gold handles of the three doors represented here are the key of this silence! To leave them alone reassure, calm and bring the child at rest!
Revenge Device” – Best in Technical Achievement by Audrey Boudreault. Sterling silver, felt, stainless steel needles. One superstition that is well known and very evocative is the one about voodoo dolls. She describes the piece “ It is a brooch in two parts: the voodoo doll can be worn on its own or with a second removable pincushion. I suggest wearing both and sticking the pins in the removable pincushion first. That way, the wearer can take the pins from it and then stick them in the heart of the doll according to their will. The reason why the doll’s pin cushion is heart shaped is very simple: I think the heart is the most sensitive part of a human being, making it the worst place to get hurt.”

Mesektet/Manjet” – Honourable Mention: Gemstones by Brenda Roy. This being inspired by the boats found in ancient eygpt. I found this interesting as i based my own individual poster on the curses within eygpt.  Made from Sterling silver, Sonora Sunrise (chrysocolla/cuprite), chrysoprase, carnelian.
Egyptians believed that the sun god, Ra, traversed the sky in a boat – or rather, in two boats.  The mesektet-boat carried him through the underworld at night and the manjet-boat when he rose as the morning sun.  Models and images of boats were buried with the deceased (at least if he or she were noble!) in the belief that this would provide transport to the Kingdom of Death and allow them to follow Ra across the sky. Ra is typically depicted as a circle in the boat rather than a lozenge shape, but the large stones sitting in these boats are quite appropriately known as Sonora Sunrise or Sunset.
Many other cultures also had superstitions linking boats and death.   Old Norse nobility were often buried or cremated in full-sized ships to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife. She said she finds it interesting that the Norse used the same word, skop, for boat, cradle, coffin and fate!

“In Case of Emergency – Knock on Wood” by Valerie Brown
This is quite a literal piece of jewellery however i think it is really qwerky with humour inputted into this.   TOUCH WOOD is a persons habit of wanting to knock on wood when they have said something that seems to be tempting fate.

Lexiz’s Ring” by Monique Mousseau
dainty + delicate
“Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive” by Sonja Neven
Here above being a lucky rabbits foot, in relation to what we explored for one of our tarot cards for our posters.


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