Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st March 2013: Potions in my Jars #1

I had a bit of spare time after the lecture so i thought i would begin to mess around with a jar. Over easter as a group we decided to get our hands on some glass jars and mess around in what we could put inside. Relating to potions, witchcraft. What mediums can we create, and we will photograph them, film and draw them. All different ways to document out research in what we have produced over the easter.
I have photographed and filmed my findings.

I first of all documented the jar with the water just simply in it. When i looked closer it actually had lots of tiny bubbles rising. So i did a quick film of this to easily document this.

I was cleaning out my room for Easter and sad to say my flowers had started to die. So I just initially thought to put the petals into the jar and take a few photographs of them squashed in the jar.

I then started to swirl the petals around and tried to capture this motion using film, but small snippets of this.  With this i tried to make it look a bit more witchy, and more spooky, so i added candles in the background and blew these out to create smoke.

From the petals i tried to incorporate the wax into this. I wanted to see how the wax would react with the water and when pouring the wax into the water it immediately turned to hard solid wax. 

 I then filmed this however you can not really see it very clearly. But you can get the gist of what i was aiming to do.

From this, when i poured the water out of the jar, the wax had formed this little structure which i thought was really interesting.

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