Friday, 15 March 2013

15th march 2013: Feedback for unit 2.

Today i had my feedback and results from the previous unit of understanding fashion. it was marked in 2 parts, part A: being the sketchbook and the garment itself, then part B: the zine.

For the sketchbook i got a 57, which was a 2:2 nearly a 2:1. here she stated that i need to clean my sketchbook up, which personally i thought i did in realtion to the project before this, as this was the same feedback from the first project.However i would still agree on this feedback and would try even harder to do so.

Moving onto my part b: the zine TROUT, i achieved a 75 which is a high first, i was so happy when she told me this. She said it was good enough to hand out at the graduate fashion week. She said i should transfer layouts which i used in TROUT and use these into my sketchbook.

Overall my grade became a 2:1 which i am, very happy about! :)

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