Household Fashion


Exam Project at A-Level which revolved around creating fashionable garments using materials you would find within the household.

My next project is my exam, for A level Art. My question i chose was " Collection of everyday objects".
When i saw this i got the idea, of using everyday objects and transforming them into fashionable garments. I really thought my previous project of using metals and creating fashion worked really well! hence me carrying on this idea, and twisting it to use household items to create this new collection of edgey fashion!

In vogue magazine they have used this idea also, which this is inspired me to persue this idea for my exam.
In the magazine they created garments from teatowels, mops, bin bags and rubber gloves.

Below is a few of the images i am inspired by.

To start i created a umberalla, inspired by Charlotte Kruk. I used a clear umbrella, and trapped cotton balls beads and strings to create the panels for the umbrella! I then created a lace rim, using paper doilys along the edge of the umbrella itself.

I then created a hat, again inspired by Gary Harvey and Susan Macmurry! I used emulsion prints of Cilit bang labels, and rubber gloves and mops to create this 'floppy hat'. I attached the labels together, and used the mops to create a mop braid around the hat itself, and then used rubber gloves to line the hat and also to create a frill and also to create a flower for a piece on the hat, with a nozzle for the centre of the flower.

For my first garment, i was inspired by the elizabethan era, where they had a corset and some sort of structure underneath, yet on this one particular corset it looks like a toilet seat which gave me inspiration for this piece below. This is made from paper mache, with toilet roll, and a relica of a toilet seat and then cloths to create the details and frills.

For a secondary development piece, i used the same plain and simple idea, of white! I used the same idea also, for the "bathroom inspired" objects. I used the same idea of the corset, to make it a double piece. I used a shower curtain to create the basis. I created a structure of a skirt and then heatgunned a shower curtain, and the back of this created a "quilted" look, and i draped this over the back of the skirt, and put the corset with it . I used shower curtain rings to attach it together at the back.

My next garment that i created was to make the cilit bang hat which i previously made into a outfit! With this brand label in mind, i made a bag to match, and also since i have used rubber gloves to create the hat, i thought i would use this material to create the garment. I designed some tassle highwaisted knickers, which i would use the fingers of the gloves and the rubber to make frills, and do the same for the bra.

After this i had to consider what to create for my final piece and what materials i should use. I didn't want to repeat what i have created. I liked how i created an entire outfit with the cilit bang and it had a theme and a brand. This is what i carried forward. I created a Febreeze dress using shower curtain, mop strings, and a bag. Secondly i made a fairy liquid outfit using similar materials.

This project merged with my other unwanted materials project landed me an A* at Alevel.
Here is a few snippets of the exhibition i set up for the house hold project and it on the runway!!

My friend Sophie Feccit, studies photography. Her final major project was based on creating fashion from unexpected materials, and she came across my work. She asked if she could use my pieces to take photographs of and also for me to model them. I instantly agreed because this would be in my favour also because i needed proper photographs of my pieces.

She used some of my pieces from my Final Major project, and my previous cupcake dress. She even used garments i made in sixth form.
I am so happy how they turned out, here below is the photo of the piece from this household fashion project.

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  1. Hi, what you have done looks great. I am currently doing a project at school about recycled fashions, if you could me some tips that would be great. please contact me with my email
    thanks Issy