Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13th March 2013: Day 2 of Unit (X)

Today was a last minute change of plan. From yesterday we decided as a group to meet at the library so that we can do some research however from looking at the timetable we found out that we had to meet at the Hilton House again for some group work with Helen.

When we arrived we had to meet in our sub groups and had set tasks to complete.
When reading the tasks we realized as the group we had completed most of the tasks yesterday. We seem to be an organized group already which is an immediate positive to our group.

However we had to decide on a name. We started throwing some ideas and facts about 13.
-There are 13 knots in the hangmans noose.
-There are 13 steps to the gallows.
-Its believed if your name has 13 letters you are more bound to have the devils luck. ( Jack the ripper, Charles Manson)

This 13 letter belief then gave us the idea of the name for our group however we did not want an actual name name for our group, like a persons name.

Following on, from our name, I then looked on google and the word that describes the “ irrational fear of things or event associated with the number 13” is TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA.

This then became our group name. It took me a while to be able to pronounce this word but now it just rolls off my tongue.

Trisk + ka + dek  + a + phobia

We then had to come up with a set of rules, which we didn’t really want to do, as we wanted our group to be more chilled and settled as we got on already and knew everyones capabilities.  However having been told to set some, we came up with 3 rules.

#1.  Warn others if you cannot attend a group session, or workshop. Either facebook or text another member of the group.
#2. It is your responsibility to catch up on anything you had missed.
#3. All information should be shared within the group regulary, posted on facebook.

I have taken the role to write up my notes onto the facebook for the rest of the group to see, however we agreed as a group that if there is information that you feel as an individual everyone should know, it is your responsibility to add onto the other notes.

We agreed that we only had one weakness within our group, which is that we have different timetables to the other course in our group which maybe could cause problems in trying to meet up. However as we have discussed nobody would miss out on information since we have a clear way of communicating.

ps the date today  is 13/03/2103 today , all the digits add up to 13.

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