BA:FASHION1: generating fashion brief


Today we got given the brief. It suddenly hit me that i am at univeristy studying a fashion design degree. I know that sounded stupid but reading through the brief it was a step up from the work and briefs i was given at foundation diploma. 
I am quite nervous in starting this brief, through all the different stages and processes we have to present. It is alot of information to grasp however i think as soon as time goes by i think it will all start to blend and make more sense.
I am excited to start making the shirt as our first garment and to try the design process for this. 
I have decided to be able to gather a large amount of primary research i am going to attempt to visit at least 1 gallery, exhibtion, or some base of research every 2 weeks. Preferably once a week but that is dependent on the amount of work i have at that time. 
They have planned for our class to go to yorkshire sculpture park so that is my first form of research. The week after i hope to attend the platt hall: gallery of costume. To study the structure and patterns and designs shown there.
The brief is that we need to design a garment within a collection that is inspired by the shirt. The reasoning behind the shirt is because alongside this brief we are making a shirt, to induct us into the machines and test our ability.

To help us begin to think of shape and different designs, we explored using shirts to experiment and manipulate to create new shapes. We used shirts, because our design has to evolve around a shirt, and inspired by a shirt thus why we making a shirt on the side.

As we arrived we sectioned off into two groups because we were doing two different exercises. The first i did was using 2 white shirts and to manipulate them into different shapes, designs, and different details on a mannequin. I really liked this as it was something creative however i found it quite difficult to use the pins onto the mannequin. I havent used this type of mannequin before so i found it hard to grasp it. After i while i did and this is what i came up with. I tried at first using it from the back and then eventually started to try use the shirt to create volume with the ruffles and pleats. 

 After working individually, we combined with another student so we would have 4 shirts and to see what we came up with.  First me and my friend simon used the collars to create the illusion of an arm hole, then the second arrangment it looked like a dress underneath a jacket by the way we used the collars. Our final arrangment we used the collars of the shirt to create a looped circle pattern around the neck.

Alongside the designing, making, research, we had to start the progress of making a womans average size 12 shirt. 
This would also bring our skills on the machine, and help us get us the the machine itself. As it being a shirt, this would help us visualise different details on the shirt. 
I was so pleased on the overall outcome, seeing it there in front of you on how practical it looks.

Here is my finished Shirt. Sorry it isn't ironed.

For my project, I started to think what I was interested in and I knew I liked the ideas of layers. So this is where my research began. I looked at layers and how would I want this more natural shape or structural. I began to research more natural shapes, and moved towards contour lines on the geographical side.  I looked into these and how I can transfer these contour lines into layers and make it look soft but still relate to a shirt, or have some details of the shirt. 

I began designing, and including my research into my designs. I started to design using the collar and layering up the collar. My tutor told me to expand this further with the concept of layers. With this my design began to expand with layers, with buttons up the centre front and the layers altered in length to relate to the contour lines in my research. I drew a line up of this idea, to see which length looked better, and it ended up looking best as a jacket. I had a cuff and buttons at the centre front which became my details from the shirt.
The colour scheme was chosen through the class, as we had to create an entire collection for our film and we all chose shades of grey: cliché I know but it looked really effective. 
The rest of my collection I added a splash of colour from, blue, green and yellow to put with the grey. This collection I used this concept of layering throughout the 6 piece collection using different styles of garment not al relating to the shirt.

Here is my finished jacket for the brief of generating fashion. I am really pleased with this end product. I feel the material I have used hung well overall, and how the material created this rouched detail on the sleeve.
Also here is myself and another student, showing off our toil before we started to make this final garment.

Todays the day of the shoot, and my friend agreed to model my garment for me. Her name is lizzie charlesworth. She studies illustrations at MMU in her second year. Just thought i would give you a bit of background information for you there.
Well we all met at nine: whoever actually showed up. There was around half or a quarter of student missing, which i think was a complete mis-understanding because a message was sent on facebook saying we do not nessasary have to be in. But hey ho we had to do 2 takes today with costumer changes.
It was a great chance to actually see everybodys work as none of us have actually seen everyones because we were constantly making and altering them. I loved everyones garments as a whole and thought everyone had done an amazing job. I cannot wait for what else this degree becomes.
We decided to put all our models hair in a bun and have dark lipstick, which literally made my picture come alive as i had been drawing my designs in this style too. Around half 10 we head to our place where we would shoot. It was the underpass under the mannqunion way. It had all fallen autumn leaves everywhere and had stunning strong architectural shapes everywhere. We lined our models up and filmed them walking away and did alot more filming shots of them walking individually everywhere. After this we started to create some still shots of them all lined up on this masive podium. it looked very effective and we got some amazing shots on here. 
After we had done this we had to repeat everything however with a different garment, but my model had to leave so i left half way through yet my garment had been documented and filmed. 
I had a very productive day and loved all the shots that had been taken. I havent seen any footage from the film however that is being edited this weekend and be finished for next week for our screening.

Last night was the event for showing our Film that a film student: Charlotte Kirby had created. It was hosted at the Vault, which is in the northen quarter underneath Cord. It took me a while to find it, but i went and brought a couple of my flat mates with me and also my boyfriend. 
When went downstairs, it was literally like a basement, i loved how it was all old style, with the features in the walls and all the old tiles. However it w`s so full. Everyone was stood up and it was quite hard to see the projection on the screen, yet when the film started to play everyone settled so we could see. 
The film was set in black and white/ grayscale with the track selected by one of the students: natalia kills controversy. It was a very soft song at the beginging reminding me of something played in france however when it kicked in, it was very powerful and had strong bass with beats. 
The shots selected in the film were some of people getting ready and then everyone lined up. There was walking shots and then everyone stood on the podium at the setting where we were. 
I wish in our video she had done more different shots, because it started to look repetitive however it was a good turn out. The music fit well to our video. 
After the video was played it was then just repeated on a roll throughout the night, we descided to have a drink with a few others upstairs as it was a lot quieter and was able to move. 
The Monochramtic event finished the event off and now tomorrow we will have a lecture on our newest brief: understanding fashion.
Waiting for my feedback was very nerve wracking: it is our first ever feedback so i dont have the feel on how they mark our work. I am used to my tutors at foundation course. However i sat down and she told me to get my sketchbook and said i got 65 marks--- THAT MEANS I GOT A 2:1 YAY. 

i was very happy. She then went through how i could improve my work and what works well for me. Imediatly she stated my sketchbook was scrappy which i could agree on because my sketchbook layout was far more like a scrapbook tha a designers sketchbook. I said that i was still in the mindset of working like i did in foundation course but nearer to the end of this project i did start to work more formal and neater like the way she wanted me too. We could see this in the separate sheets i had done for my lineup. She said i was a very good final illustrator which was a nice thing to hear from someone in the fashion industry. She said i should get a display book for my designs which i did on separate paper: so as soon as my feedback finished i went to the student union to buy my new sketchbooks i got a display book with 40 wallets in which i placed my final designs. Next week i am going to photocopy my prep designs in relations to my final deisgns to put next too in my book.
I feel this next project i will make my sketchbook alot clearer and simpler so it looks more professional. BUT I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY GRADE YAY.

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