Thursday, 14 March 2013

14th march 2013: Setting guidelines for our poster.

Today we met up to show some ideas and research before we start to make our posters tomorrow. We decided to make A5 size posters and 13 of them. In the style of tarot cards but with individual superstitions on each one. 
We then decided on the 13 different superstitions in which we would create the posters on. 
We would make one each on friday so that makes 9, then over the weekend the last 4 we would all do some ideas and research for these 4 posters and on monday we would collaborate and create the final 4.  Each of the posters would be very unique and individual since we would all do our own mediums on them but combine them all on the last 4.

we have assigned each person with a superstition to research and flow some ideas for tomorrow and then the last 4 are what we will all do together. 
Paganism- witchcraft ( Sophie )
Magpies  ( Ryan)
Voodoo ( rimsha) 
Black Cat ( Alex)
Rabbit Foot ( Flavia)
Fortune Telling ( Lizzie)
Weeji board ( Rach)
Lunar cycle ( millie )
Egyption curses ( hannah- ME)
This leaving the last 4-
broken mirror, chinese myths, peacock/evil eye, and then the 13th last poster would be the death card. As the 13th tarot card in a normal pack is the death card.

We then decided on some guidelines for our posters. 
First being it is a5.
There will be a boarder of numbers saying 1+7+5 = 13, however these would be in roman numerals. There would be a scroll at the bottom of the card with a title all in the same font.  It will have rounded corners. And a repeated pattern of roman numerals on the back of the card.

The font and design of the card job has been given to alex. Whom will choose the font, layout and he has designed the back of the card, being 175 in roman numerals. Which is CLXXV. 
the font would be, Mesquite Std. 

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