Repetitive Forms


Self Directed Projects in Art and Design Foundation diploma.

At my foundation course; we are getting to the point where we are starting our self directed project. We are having to decided where we want to take this project and have the ability to create our own assignment and brief.

I have decided to carry on my ideas from the previous two pieces i have created in my specialist option. In either of these i have repeated the pattern created from paper doilies and cup cake cases to create and extravagant piece of clothing to wear.

The cupcake dress i created by making a structure upon the shoulders where i attached over 600 cases onto this one after another. The skirt i made from an old bed sheet, inspired by SUSAN MACMURRAY. She created a garment structure using the same method of repetition. SHe involves a slab of carpet underneath the dress to create the shape and add weight onto the entire piece.
From this artist i used a small amount of carpet under my trail so that it would sit on the floor properly. On which i attached even more cupcake cases. Overall i used 1000.
Progress photos on this creation.

The assignment for the cupcake dress was recyclable structure. I recycled cupcake cases and an old bed sheet. Here are some shots taken in the studio and then some location shoots with myself wearing my creation...

This inspired me to create another neck piece: in this mini project we had to do at half term. I carried on the theme of frills and using paper based materials and found that paper doilies create the same frilly and lacey effect which i wanted to achieve. I created a high neck collar which followed the contour of the spine at the back. With this i created a paper mache corset to wear with this neck piece.

Below is photos of myself wearing the neck piece..


I want to take the similar aspects in either of these pieces to create the basis of my newest self directed project.

From my project of using paper doilies, i then carried it on and decided to make something bigger. I created a large skirt which decrease in length from the front towards the back using paper doilies and reflecting this material with a collar piece. To finish the entire outfit i created a paper mache corset.

My friend Sophie Feccit, studies photography. Her final major project was based on creating fashion from unexpected materials, and she came across my work. She asked if she could use my pieces to take photographs of and also for me to model them. I instantly agreed because this would be in my favour also because i needed proper photographs of my pieces.

She used some of my pieces from my Final Major project, and my previous cupcake dress. She even used garments i made in sixth form.
I am so happy how they turned out, here below is the photos of the pieces from this project.