Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cupcake Dress

Take a look at my newest page on Repetitive forms which involves my newest creation of my cupcake dress.
Heres a quick glimpse but for more photos and information have a look at the "repetitive forms" page.

Foundation Work

I have just updated my newest page on all my foundation work i have created so far since september.
take a look--- its the top left hand side ...

Birthday card for my friends sister

It was my best friends sisters birthday so i thought i would make her a card. I attempted to draw a group picture from when we went to newquay together...
this is what it ended up like :)
thankfully she loved it ..

Check out this newest blogger.

FINALLY my best friend Emily Baron has joined blogger...

I think you should all start to read her posts and all her ideas and influences she provides. She's new to the scene so it might take her a while to get the gist of it but she is already starting to catch on.

She is 18 from Blackpool and currently studying at Nottingham trent university studying fashion promotion and communication.
the cliche saying of "passion for fashion" is truly correct for emily. Recently coming back from Newyork her ambition to be within the fashion industry has become stronger.


susan macmurray.

This is the artist which i have taken inspiration from for my cupcake dress and also for my newest project.Susie MacMurray's work encompasses drawing, sculpture and architectural installations. A former classical musician, she retrained as an artist, graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 2001. She now has an international exhibition profile and shows regularly in the USA and Europe as well as the UK.Drawing is an important part of MacMurray's practice. In addition to her large scale pen & ink work she extends the possibilities of making drawings using unconventional materials including rubber tubing, hair and wax. She also makes pen & ink drawings on a more intimate scale and produces sculptural wall pieces and other work for private commissions.

I have taken inspiration from her Garment sculptures she has created. ON the fact of the carpet underlay she uses to create her sculptures.
She is truly amazing.

This is just one example of what she has created. This is made from hundred of rubber gloves turned inside out!!

Yey!!! Man Met place

I forgot to tell you guys that i have received an accredited place at Man met university. As my college has a great link with manchester met university they are able to advise on students from our college to get a provisional place at the uni. Thats where i come in! They have accepted the offer and taken me on the Fashion course.


Students on the BA (Hons) Fashion course learn how to develop and apply their creative abilities in a framework that refers to, and prepares them for the challenge of working in the fashion industry with confidence, imagination and individuality.

Course details

BA (Hons) Fashion
A three year full-time undergraduate programme.
UCAS Code: W230

but I'm not excited for the £9000 fees. Damn you government.

love h xox

Lytham Booths Gallery

My old teacher at sixth form contacted me to let me know that the gallery in lytham is holding an exhibition to promote young artists. This started last year and involved only blackpool sixth form and another college. The exhibition last year was extended due to the amount of visitors interested in this event. Last year they recorded more than 1000 visitors so it is a great opportunity to showcase the high quality work from my school/college.
The Preview is on March 28th and I will be provided with invitations to send out.
Certificates will be given to students and there will be 3 prizes as well.

They want me to showcase my Nail piece! So straight away i went and dug it out from the loft to find that it needs some tweaks. ( Few nails have fallen off). She also mentioned to me that i might be able to show off my newest cupcake dress! To show my progression from sixth form. fingers crossed i would be able to but if not i will still show my nail piece. This one below "metal madonnna" as she describes it as.

Check out the link of the gallery below.

ill keep you updated for any more information on this event.

me and my dad..

I got bored at college and had the urge to draw something, hence me finding a picture of my dad and i at christmas time and drew it.
I left the facial expressions kind of minimal, as i find sometime they can go cartoon looking. Using the point and line technique i gave hints of where the features would lie on the face..

love H xox

#New project.... repetitive forms

At my foundation course; we are getting to the point where we are starting our self directed project. We are having to decided where we want to take this project and have the ability to create our own assignment and brief.

I have decided to carry on my ideas from the previous two pieces i have created in my specialist option. In either of these i have repeated the pattern created from paper doilies and cup cake cases to create and extravagant piece of clothing to wear.

The cupcake dress i created by making a structure upon the shoulders where i attached over 600 cases onto this one after another. The skirt i made from an old bed sheet, inspired by SUSAN MACMURRAY. She created a garment structure using the same method of repetition. SHe involves a slab of carpet underneath the dress to create the shape and add weight onto the entire piece.
From this artist i used a small amount of carpet under my trail so that it would sit on the floor properly. On which i attached even more cupcake cases. Overall i used 1000.

Here is a photoshoot in the studio i got my friend who is a photographer to take photos of myself wearing this creation.

From this over half term we had to do a quick piece in relation to what we have just done. I wanted to carry on with the frills, and using the paper material and again i wanted to some sort of neck piece. I Did some designs and came up with using paper doilies. I made a strong neck piece which carrys down at the back following the contortions of the spine.

These two pieces are the ones i want to take inspiration from to create my newest self directed project. I want to carry on the idea of repetitive forms, and using paper based materials to indulge into make something wearable. But i am thinking BIG!!!!! Following alexander mcqueens footsteps and taking it to the next level. I feel this idea of "Repetitive forms" can be taken as far as can be.

lets just see what happens. Ill keep y'all updated.