Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20th March 2013: New Purchases £££

Hey, i know it isn’t to do with my work, but i thought i would put a spanner in the works and spice my blog up a bit instead of carrying on with my work. I thought i would let you know on my new purchases this week.
I have been recently looking for some Nike air max 1s, however they are all so brightly coloured and i didn’t want them to stand out so much. I fancied some that would kind of blend in with anything i wear, more on the neutral colour pallet. Well anyway, i found some online however knowing my luck they were from america and i did not want to chance it with their VAT custom charges on top when they hit our border. So i found some very similar to the ones i wanted.  The are a pastel green with grey and white and yellow. I found these quite neutral but still not so neutral they have a life and a bit of fun!  Nice purchase off a lady on ebay!

Also this week following on with the vintage style i bought some tapered jeans. Last weekend i was actually having a conversation with my mum on how i fancied some and she was telling me stories about back in the day and how she used to have some with a big stripe down the side. Anyway, i had a look online and i couldn’t find any that i liked, and so i went into Blue Rinse Vintage Store which is in Northern Quarter. There were some light blue Levis tapered jeans, on the paper label they said they were a size 10, however when putting them on i knew this was wrong. They were so big around my waist however with a belt they look good, they look better bigger as they give it the style i wanted. Cheeky little bargain of £25. + charity shop belt £2.99. You can’t go wrong with that.

Finally i bought some green pants. I am still not sure on what to think of these yet, but i haven’t worn them yet. Again from another vintage store. But they are bright green. They are kind of track suit like, but high waisted. I thought they were slightly shell suit but i am not sure on this one. They are really light and very comfy and pretty cheap also for £14. 
The photos don't do the pants any justice, the colour is so much more green and they are so much nicer in real life. Just to let you all know.

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