Wednesday, 19 May 2010

music inspiration

ive had an idea whilst watching B.O.B Nothin' on you "'s music video, and i love the style of how the video is presented, like white background ripped and being placed ontop of a background,
hence me writing it on here so id remeber to try and interpret this idea in my own work :) x

Themes help??


So now i am trying to figure out my new theme for now A2 Level Artcombined.
I first though of going for a "tribal theme". I love the idea of the blocks of colours and combining shapes to create the intreging jewellry they were. I had an idea of actually making this, and also using paint to recreate it, body paint on someones body.
I love this composistion of this image below, and love the jewellry, and this would be a starting point to my tribal theme if i carry on with this idea.
Also i was inspired for this idea by "kelis Acapella." The costumes she wears in this are just amazing. I Love the idea of these costumes she is wearing above. The neck piece i would want to recreate in my style.

Another idea that i thought of is a Natural Form of " Flowers". Also including the idea of Surrealism. Having ideas, for example a Daisy. Making this to a extreme size, and taking photographs of these larger than a person, by the angle of my camera. Also more ideas for this theme, would be Creating these "flowers" at a large scale.? The colours of pop art ect.

I want to create something contexual as that i would be able to create more structual pieces as that is my stronger aspect to my work.
any ideas?

Thursday, 6 May 2010


at the moment im creating a powerpoint, to analyze the main artists that i have considered within my exam project "poker". The artists i were inspired by were Neville Brody and Jennifer Collier, very different and contrasting artists i know.
i have to explain, what they do, and what are their inspirations, and how i have used them to inspire my work, and to conclude how they are similar to one another.
This week we have to add on, a few more slides on , medium, technique, colour and composition of the artists work.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

artists to remember ..

Marc Chagall-german words input
Robert Rauschenburg-overlay materials, collage work
victoria ball-cakes.

Neville Brody- Typographer
Bas Jan Ader- words "please dont leave me"

Salavador Dali-surrealism
Rene Margritte-surrealism
Joan miro-surrealism

Peter Randal- cross hatch, sculpture
Claes Oldenburg- big sculptures
Su blackwell- butterfly dress
Jennifer Collier- waxing, garments
Sarah Morpeth- shredded book,
Carl Andre-sculptures.
Vito Acconci- installation artist
Janine Antoni- sculpture, installations
Gerard Byrne
Maurizio Cattelan
Tracey Emin
ingrid Falk- toast
Yayoi Kusama ***
Damien Hirst
Hans Haacke
Rafael Lozano-hemmer
Cildo Meireles

James Casebere
Susan Fereday
Barbara Kruger
Valie Export
Gottfried Helnwein
Susan Hiller-photographer installation ect
Illya Chichkan- photographs, and installations


We are going to be starting our new theme for another project soon, and i am confused on what to pick. I am interested in creating some sort of sculpture for the final piece at the end of the project but i do not know what on. Speaking to some people, surrealism could be a theme, and maybe using the forests and trees and twigs to create a surreal dress as the final product. However i feel that may be to close on my other project of little red riding hood, with the use of forests ect.
Another idea, is the 1930s 1940s housewives, and how they lived, with all the old advertisement of the stereotypical woman. That may be a strong idea however i feel that may be ahrd to find objects relating and to take photographs of such things.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Starting point

This is my first blog, of trying to create a page to publish my Artwork as i progress throughout my time studying A Level Art combined . :)