Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19th March 2013: Poster Presentation

Today was the day in which we had to present our ideas and research and the posters which we created to our tutors, and the rest of the groups. Before we did this we had to write on each of the scrolls which i volunteered to do, and carried the same font throughout all the posters, and then added individual roman numerals on each card. 

Then after this we had to attach our posters on the walls, but to be a bit different we actually hung ours on a line of string from one wall to another.

 From this we then had to do a 175 second long presentation discussing within our group, our ideas, and research and explanation of our poster. 

This happened for all of the groups, as they discussed all their different ideas from 175. It was really interesting in how everyone had such a vast variety of ideas coming from the initial number 175. Its interesting how we all have gone different routes. 

As it came to our group presentation we began by discussing the name of our group 
"Triskaidekaphobia" and how this related to 175. Explaining how 175 changed to 13, since i researched into mathematical equations, and since i explored maths at a level i am very fond of this area, hence this being my point of research. Simplistically adding 1 + 7 + 5 together giving us another number of 13, and thus being the unlucky superstitious number. Following from this looking at superstitions and then tarot cards playing a main role within this. 
After everybody's presentations were over, we then as a group spoke to a tutor on our ideas and how we could progress with the ideas we have already. She discussed on how there is a broad subject in which is nice, as this would appeal to a broader audience when thinking in the long run. 

She asked us what we had in mind to follow with this, and what work we would individually produce over the 2 week easter break.  I spoke about the idea of the cabinet of curiosities, and how i found an artist which reflects this: joseph cornell. The cabinet idea came around me thinking of witchcraft and spells. This initially gave me the idea of little jars with spells, and different ingredients which relate to the different superstitions. From this we decided as a group to all individually get a jar, and make spells. As childish as this sounds, it actually has a point to our theme. Each experimenting with different mediums and ingredients to see what we could create visually. Photo documenting each of what we had created and repeat this changing what we do. Also drawing the visual elements we see, creating illustrations which we could maybe use further on in the project. Alongside this we decided to carry on with research on our own ideas of superstitions and which ones we are actually interested in, and then we will bring all these together to see which is the strongest and which we would collaborate on with. We would also need to research some contextual artists which also would reflect our work. 

Im really excited to create this "little spells". 

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