Exaggerated Repetitive Forms


Final major project in Art and Design Foundation diploma.

The time is here when my foundation course is coming to a close. Now my final grade is all based on this final major project.

My final major project was a continuation from a previous project; in which I had concentrated on repeating the same form to create a fashion structure. Yet in this project I am intending to exaggerate these repeated forms and the size of these structures.
The main source material I’m using is paper based; since already exploring with more delicate paper-materials in my previous projects, which subsequently is an easy manipulated material due to how large this scale would be.
 I decided to carry on the aspect of creating fashionable pieces using paper and still going with the theme of repetitive forms but make it BIGGER..... i want to make my pieces oversize and make them huge and exaggerated
I want to create an atmosphere that’s fashioned within the film of Narnia. Most importantly I’d like to try and translate this atmosphere with the influence from the ice queen into my structures. The main way that I’ve achieved this is through keeping the natural colour of the paper form.     My designs i want to create something powerful, and strong that reflects the stereotypical ice queen. My Contextual reference that i first found was Zoe bradley that created HUGE paper dresses. The second was Piers Atkinson who is a head piece designer. This inspired me along side Alexander Mcqueen relating to the lace face masks from spring/summer 2012 collection. Both together gave me influence to my design to create my first developmental piece for my FMP. 
I subsequently created development pieces that I thought imitated this
 Running theme that I established for my final major project. My main contextual references that supported my influences of designs for this project were; Zoe Bradley, Piers Atkinson, Alexander McQueen and finally Susan Stockwell. All of these designers have similar aspects in which replicates my working practices for my final major project. Piers Atkinson and Alexander McQueen I twisted together to help me create my first development piece of a Headpiece. Here I involved beads, lace and the paper form to create a oversized head-dress fit for an ice queen. I made this by creating a material base which i individually attached paper tubes onto, alongside with lace embroidery and beads.


From making this headpiece, I wanted to make another side piece unit I create my Final Final Piece. Viktor & Rolf influenced my second piece. Here I used a wire structure, which I knew was beneficial through its strength to create a large structure. On this I folded bundles of ruffles from a mixture of tissue and normal paper to create tone and more volume.

I decided whilst photographing these i would make the model wear both of the piece for even more exxageration.

These two designs combined helped me to shape my final major design: this being the largest of my pieces, merging the headdress idea and the wire under-structure. 

I have also tried a different technique of ceramic slip.

 I began to achieve the visual impact and the shape I intended.
I intended to create a shoulder piece that hung onto the shoulders and wrapped around the neck. However it fell in the kiln it had shrunk and so it was too small.

I really liked the effect of this, as the slip holds onto the pattern of the material i dipped into the mixture. I also like the shape of this piece. After this i attempted to create a corset using the same material, yet this was a failure also as it fell in the kiln.

I really wanted to make use of this slip and make it work after several attempts so i thought i could try for a third time lucky. I attempted to create another shoulder piece as the same as the first one, but use a males mannequin as this would be larger and then it would shrink more into a ladies size. With the excess material i made a small hat.

As the others did, i had no luck. The shoulder piece fell in the kiln so this did not work. But the hat came out fine, but it was too small. 
After all this, i decided to alter my design for my final piece and not use this technique. But at least i tried it several times.

Starting this major piece made me realize the scale that I have exaggerated to. The skirt itself is nearly 6ft onto which the upper torso with its adornments will be attached onto making it overall even larger.
This is my quick sketch of design for this major piece.

I started this piece by creating a wire structure using a spot welder which I have previously explored. Onto this I wrapped a layer of lining paper, so this would form the basis onto what i attach the paper ruffles.

Realizing the scale of this made the sensation become real onto how long I had left to complete this final structure, but after lots of pre development pieces I knew that completion of this would not a problem.

I then began to attach the paper ruffles onto the base of this lining paper. I knew this would take an eternity.
I began to fold each A4 piece of paper in the same way, a bit like origami!.

Here is the progress of the ruffles and how they have started to take place.

Here is the entire structure finished.

BUT something was missing. Since i put the mannequin in, it needed something to enclose the slight gap in between the mannequin and the structure. I came up with the idea of a waist belt which would attaché around the mannequin and then flow and mix into the skirt.
I used a waspie belt onto which i sewn the ruffles onto this.

I decided to individually place tissue paper, in-between the paper ruffles, to add extra colour and tone. It  also created an effect of more volume. 
I chose tissue paper as it reflected the icy feeling i wanted to portray.


I intended to create a head piece that would replicate the ruffles in the skirt. I followed the same steps as my other headpiece onto how to create this piece. I used white material as the base. The front shape i desired to cover the forehead and come to a point. It was an image in my head which i could imagine  an ice queen wear.

I attached wire so that it would have more of a snug fit onto the forehead.

On this front part, i attached a lacey material which i thought reflected an icy feel.

I used the same technique with the folding of the paper so that it would reflect the same ruffles as the skirt. I didn't use glue to attach these ruffles, i sewn them on individually using a machine!.

For extra detail, and to add more of a royal and ice queen feel, i came across some old jewellery and beads and with these a covered in a frosted glitter.

I finished all of the paper ruffles and then i attachéd the jewellery onto the headpiece.

Now for the best part. Here are some photographs, of myself wearing my final major piece. My friend who studies photography helped me with this- Sophie Feccit.  As we could not move the piece, or find a back drop i had to use photoshop to cut out the background that was in the photo.

I was so proud on when i saw these photos. This has taken me such a long time and to finally see it entirely together was just a big weight off my shoulders. Now it is just time to set up my exhibition. My exhibition I want to be able to project the atmosphere from the established theme of the ice queen- a sweet beautiful girl but who is rumored to be cold-hearted. This cold-hearted phrase is also reflected within the icy atmosphere, which is the presented majorly throughout the film of Narnia: crisp white snow and the long cold icicles.

 I wanted to put all of my photos that i have had taken of my pieces and development pieces in oddments of frames. These i painted white and added a pearlescent colour paint onto these to add an extra ice feel. I got different frames, of textures and sizes.

Today we all chipped in and started to paint our spaces at college! I also had to attempt to move my fashion structure from the workshop into my space. Now that was a story.  My teacher had to climb inside and squish it slightly to walk it down the corridor to my exhibition space. 

Luckily it got there in one piece apart from the trail of paper.  I then started to hang all my frames on the wall in a random order.

I then began to fill up my space, with my other development pieces and my design sheets on the wall. It started to feel like it has all come together. Take a look at my final set up.

I tried to replicate the snow falling onto the frames, so i bought some fake snow, and sprinkled this on the top of the frames.

From this Final Major Project, i achieved a Distinction. I was so proud. After all the work i have inputted this year, and all the skills i have learnt i finally got the grade i dreamt to have for this year.

My friend Sophie Feccit, studies photography. Her final major project was based on creating fashion from unexpected materials, and she came across my work. She asked if she could use my pieces to take photographs of and also for me to model them. I instantly agreed because this would be in my favour also because i needed proper photographs of my pieces.
She used some of my pieces from my Final Major project, and my previous cupcake dress. She even used garments i made in sixth form.
I am so happy how they turned out, here below are all of the photos of the pieces from my final major project.


  1. I don't know how long ago you posted this but this project is absolutely incredible!! im in year 11 and my final piece my work is influenced by viktor and rolf. im so glad i came across your work because it is truly amazing, i love it! like

  2. Thankyou so much! I have only just actually come back on my blog and started to update it with all my university work. Thankyou again! What are you studying, and where you from? What did you make?

    Hannah Sykes!