AS Level & A Level


Different smaller projects from Sixth form, both AS Level and A Level.


Well its nearly 5 or 6 weeks in, since we have started our new topic within art. I have definatly developed into what i can see this project will turn into.
My ideas have totally change from my previous blog, with the artist influences and what i have intended to go onto.
I started off, by doing the usual techniques which for me are the strongest and most effective.

I did the usual Cellotape prints and emulsion prints, and also trapped flowers within teabags and also flattened them and laminated them. I also did a few observational drawings, in oilpastels of flowers, and finally took several photographs. These photographs which i feel are very effective, and have captured great photographs of the flowers in great detail and different composistions.

I then started to stitch into these photographs, making this more texual and on some pieces creating a foreground and back ground from which aspects i have sewn.
I also sewn, the pressed laminated flowers, and also cellotape prints.
I then developed onto using wire to transfer the photograph into just a simple line structure with wire. this would be the basic outline and the linear prospective of the flower.
I gradually built ip several petals to create more of an effective piece. ( influence by william morris)

My first artist link is William morris. In his work the flowers and patterns are mostly displayed through linear lines to empathise their shape and give it tone and depth. This is what i am extracting to put into my own work.
I first started sewing into flowers using lines to relate to williams work.
I also looked at one piece of work by him, with the trellace and flowers intertwining.
I re-created this work, by also using trellace but making the flowers out of wire and added leaves which i had sewn into.
From creating simplistic flowers on my trellace piece, i went more into detail on this aspect.
I observed a photograph of a flwoer and re created this using different thickness' of wire and using small beads to give more delacacy and colour.

My second artist link is Leigh pennebacker. Her work is structured dress made from wire. As i have already start to create flowers from wire, i thought that this would be an appropiate artist influence.

This project lead me onto involving both artists, william morris and Leigh pennebacker to create a dress made fom Chicken Wire and used the idea of creating flowers from wire to create a shoulder piece.
The picture below, i chose the location of a scrap yard because as i have used metals to create the dress i decided to explore this idea to the uglyness of a scrap yard to create a contrast between the two.

This result from this project has now lead me onto my present project of unwanted fashion.


I decided to concentrate my project on the well known Fairy-tale; Little red riding hood. I wanted to create a sketch book that told the story of this fairy tale through sketches, photographs, structures, and painting
I started of by concentrating on the central objects that relate to the story; Fairy cakes, baskets, cutelry. All in a variety of techniques such as; observational in pen and pencil. I've taken photographs of some of my strongest work, shown below.To Start this page; i am showing five photographs within this project which i feel are better and the strongest pieces in my body of work. The first is my artists influence, of Priscilla Jones; I was influenced by this artist " Priscilla Jones" because I liked the way she used different materials to create strutures. Also in Priscilla Jones work, she has made some pieces that also related to my theme. Teapots, cuttelry, Fairy cakes ect. Here as you can see my inspired pieces of Spoons forks and knives in the style of Priscilla.


The next is my Observation work in Pen techniques, i realy feel that i have considered the shape of the cakes, and the tonal of the objects and produced this piece of work.
After this i then concentrated on another artist; " Anna Gaskell". She creates photographs that are very fairytale like and a mixture of composistions. I then worked into these photographs that i produced in my own style. I feel these photographs are a strength within my body of work. Also how i have linked these photographs towards this artists is also a strong correlation.
Below i created a "grandmas" page. All these objects and sketches i incorporated because they relate to the significant charactor of Grandma in little red riding hood.I even concentrated to create a era within the page, concentrating on the colours that would relate to this character. I feel that my contextual work, i another strength i have. Using variety of materials to create a page which has a effect on the viewer.

I then used the idea of "modrock" and "plaster of paris" to create sculptures that would tell a story and relate to my theme. I started with modrocking flowers. Then i moved on to explain the idea of "picknic basket as little red runs through the forest and falls." This is another strong structure i have created. All through these strong aspects towards this work, they are all more so the contextual pieces, 3D pieces.
To sum up my project as a hole, i produced a structure under the influence of Sarah Morpeth.
Within the leaves that arise from the cloak, are variety of materials, colours, and also i have incorporated photos that i have took within the project. Lastly i particulary like this final piece, because of numerous ways, through the composistion of this photograph, and to the little detail of the leaves.

Strongest Photographs of which i took within the project. 


Poker was my last project for," AS Level Fine art.".  This was the exam project, and i had decided to choose the question on " significant events". Hence expanding it towards; Gambling and poker. I had many ideas within my mind, to where i wanted this project to go. I started off concentrating on objects and then more onto the Material items. Here are some techniques that i firstly tried to start off this project.

Emulsion print.

jennifer collier was a main artist link which inspired me to produce numerous pieces of artwork. She produces garments and accessories, using a variety of techniques; waxing weaving, trapping ect.

I used jennifers idea, of waxing and trapping, and descided to trap objects relating to poker within teabags.

another artist i included was Sarah morpeth. Her piece that inspired me the most, was the book with strings dangling down. I took this into consideration and produced a piece related to this technique.

Below, i incorporated text within my work, relating to Typography, mainly to Neville Brody who also is a typographer and also uses these colour tone within his work.
To conclude this exam, we had to produce a piece within 5 hours. To decide what i would create i did several prep pieces.
I created a briefcase from Playing cards.

Here is a shirt, that i included playing cards and also emulsion print of money  on the collar which the edges i burn to relate to the phrase " burning money"

Here i used the technique of jennifer collier, to make the garment but also the ideas from typography. I thought this was the strongest preparation piece, and so i decided to expand on this idea for my Exam piece.
Exam piece.

As you can see i tried to include more percific detail within the piece; the buttons, cufflinks, pockets with a wod of money inside.




At the start of my studys at Blackpool sixth form, we did a small 6 week project of natural Substances and i concentrated on Shells. Here are  a few pieces of artwork that i produced in that 6 week period.

Charcoal drawings.
My final piece. I incorporated different mediums, to creat this; Charcoal, Black and White paint.