Monday, 10 September 2012


ALSO... i have tried out this new kind of blog, posterous. I had a list of things to do and sign up and have a mess around for at uni, which i have only just read but hey ho, but basically its like my pint rest and even so this blog itself. Just to show my work, and other peoples work which i have researched and liked and want to recreate and remember for further reference. Lots of inspiration..


Here you are guys, its my pintrest which is an allsortment of pins of images that i particularly like, and inspire me. Its a place where i can gather research of designers, artists, and just normal ideas that i would like to remember or even try and recreate.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Oscar my mascot

I have been working at the squirrel pub for just over a year now, and there is always a regular called betty! She is always there ever since I started and for a good few years! It was my last shift this week and so she said she had made me a little mascot to take with me!.
She knitted me him! And she called him Oscar because he had attitude! A lady bird on his shoe, a robin on his shoulder and a mouse on his hat!
I am going to miss this lady, one in a million'
The detail is impeccable, I would t even know how to start it?

Thank you Betty! Xxxx <3


eeee it is getting closer.
A WEEK TODAY i move to university.

The plan is, my mom and i go up on the wednesday evening, to set up my room and take the main bulk up and to get my keys. Then on the friday, my dad, mom and i, take all my clothes and accessories, and myself to my room, and ..... leave me there.

I can't believe it has come around so soon!

Blackpool- now onto manchester. Im excited but still nervous in starting my fashion course, but i know it will be right for me and the start of my new life and hopefully career.



university decor

so i came up with an idea, to decorate my room at university! I wanted it to feel like my room at home, and in my room at home i have an entire wall full of photos and anything you name it stuck on there. I have had it for years and it just keeps building and building up! I love it .
It just fills my room.

I wanted to try and replicate it at university. But on a smaller scale, so i printed lots of photos and montaged them on A1 paper, hopefully when i set up my room, i can fill it up lots and lots so it feels like home. They will no way near be as full as the one at home but it is a little junior version.



Since my college still have my mannequin, i had to invest in a new one. My nana and grandad bought me this for my birthday before i start university.

pretty new clean mannequin..
Thanks nana and grandad xx

Happy birthday Mom.

As its my mums birthday recently, me and my boyfriend made my mom a birthday cake "Chocolate Fudge Cake". We used Dairy milk instead of plain dark chocolate and used her favourite chocolate buttons to decorate.

This was delicious.

& she loved it too.
Happy birthday mom. love you x

set up at sixth form.

My sixth form emailed me, and it is the time of year where the current students set up an exhibition of all their work. She was getting in touch with a couple of students from the previous year to show what they are doing currently. As me and my teacher still are in contact and she always sees my work on Facebook. She wanted me to show my cupcake dress. Due to my foundation diploma still have my portfolio, i couldn't exhibit my design sheets i have produced for this garment, so i had to use smaller photocopies but still here is my little set up at sixth form!

surfs up

me and my boyfriend were moving his stuff into his new house for university and he came across this poster he has on his wall! There in the corner of this A1 poster was a photo of a scene from a beach of surfers at night-time. He said that he wished that that was the entire photo of the poster. So i thought i would attempt to paint it for him.

It was really hard to blend the black into blue to white, but i am OVER THE MOON with the finish that i produced.

and so was he! It has a pride of place on his wall at university.

sorry for my feet by the way.

flower stool.

I have been meaning to do something to this stool in my room. It was just plain MDF Brown colour, and i have been wanting to either just paint it white or do something else. Well, i did something else, i decided to paint a montage of flowers on it using acrylic paint and i just improvised. I then use a fine liner to outline these paintings.
Still needing to add a layer of varnish so these pretty little pictures do not rub off!
Another thing on my to do list.

strawberry and white chocolate muffins

THESE ARE TO DIE FOR. These are my new little obsession to baking. I came across them off a website and went straight to the shop to make them! They melt and crumble in your mouth. Im not being big headed but literally the best muffin i have ever had.

My mom knows me well.

Having breakfast with my mom one day at weather spoons in Cleveleys, she knew me too well as she wondered over with a drawing paper and colours! Straight away i jumped at this and there i was drawing away!
Here is what i produced at breakfast.

Kitten heels

Thought I would share this with you all!

Happy Birthday.

I decided to get arty as i usually do for all of my friends birthday. I decided to paint her a picture of us three best friends. I painted differently in simplistic block colours to create the faces and the clothes, and the background simply drew patterns.

perfect 19th birthday present!

Happy birthday Kate, love you! xxx

my cat simba

Since Finishing college, i have become extremely bored, and it has been raining all the time.
SOoooo i decided to paint my cat Simba, he was just sleeping as usual and he wasn't moving- perfect to  paint.
This is lazy cat Simba!

 I used acrylics and a ball point pen to get this effect. I was shocked how it turned out: very impressed with myself.


Here are the rest of the photos my friend Sophie produced for her studies using my garments.

Photoshoot for Narnia Pieces

Remember when i told you about my friend suing my work in her photography? Well here are the photos she took using my Narnia pieces. She only photographed my two head pieces for this project.
I really love the photos she has taken! What do you think?

Headpiece #1

Head piece # 2

behind the scenes

Heres a photo which was behind the scenes of the photoshoot of my garments. Photographer: Sophie Feccit, Model: ME Hannah Sykes

Photographer Sophie Feccit

My friend Sophie Feccit, studies photography. Her final major project was based on creating fashion from unexpected materials, and she came across my work. She asked if she could use my pieces to take photographs of and also for me to model them. I instantly agreed because this would be in my favour also because i needed proper photographs of my pieces.

She used some of my pieces from my Final Major project, and my previous cupcake dress. She even used garments i made in sixth form. Ill upload them soon when i get them!


From this Final Major Project, i achieved a Distinction. I was so proud. After all the work i have inputted this year, and all the skills i have learnt i finally got the grade i dreamt to have for this year.

snows falling on my exhibition

I tried to replicate the snow falling onto the frames, so i bought some fake snow, and sprinkled this on the top of the frames.

Final Set up of my Narnia Exhibtion

I then began to fill up my space, with my other development pieces and my design sheets on the wall. It started to feel like it has all come together. Take a look at my final set up.

its time to set up my exhibition

Today we all chipped in and started to paint our spaces at college! I also had to attempt to move my fashion structure from the workshop into my space. Now that was a story.  My teacher had to climb inside and squish it slightly to walk it down the corridor to my exhibition space.

Luckily it got there in one piece apart from the trail of paper.  I then started to hang all my frames on the wall in a random order.

frames frames frames

I wanted to put all of my photos that i have had taken of my pieces and development pieces in oddments of frames. 

So today i trekked around lots of car boots and charity shops to find some frames. It must have been a funny sight seeing me attempting to carry all of these frames. I got home and then i painted all of the frames white and added a pearlescent colour paint onto these to add an extra ice feel. I got different frames, of textures and sizes.

Plan for exhibition

My exhibition I want to be able to project the atmosphere from the established theme of the ice queen- a sweet beautiful girl but who is rumored to be cold-hearted. This cold-hearted phrase is also reflected within the icy atmosphere, which is the presented majorly throughout the film of Narnia: crisp white snow and the long cold icicles.

Photoshoot time

Now for the best part. Here are some photographs, of myself wearing my final major piece. My friend who studies photography helped me with this- Sophie Feccit.  As we could not move the piece, or find a back drop i had to use photoshop to cut out the background that was in the photo.

I was so proud on when i saw these photos. This has taken me such a long time and to finally see it entirely together was just a big weight off my shoulders. Now it is just time to set up my exhibition.

fit for any icy queen.

I have finished the entire headpiece, i attached the jewellery and beads that i modified previously with glitter. I attached this on the clasp that grasps around the neck, and also on the front part which falls on the forehead and the crown of the head.

fit for any icy queen.

no more paper

I have finally finished attaching all of the paper ruffles! I started to find folding the paper therapeutic. God knows how much paper i have used and how many trees i have used....

probably a forest.

glitter + beads

For extra detail, and to add more of a royal and ice queen feel, i came across some old jewellery and beads and with these a covered in a frosted glitter.

not more paper ruffles

I used the same technique with the folding of the paper so that it would reflect the same ruffles as the skirt. I didn't use glue to attach these ruffles, i sewn them on individually using a machine!.

icy material

Update on the head piece. Today i decided to attach some lacy material onto the front part of the piece.
It is for extra detail.

fit for an ice-queen

Ive started in making my head piece for my final major project today.  I wanted the piece to cover the entire head, and also crown the forehead ending in a point! The back to fall to a point down the spine.I used white material as the base. The front shape i desired to cover the forehead and come to a point. It was an image in my head which i could imagine  an ice queen wear.

below on the part where it is on the forehead, i disguised wire underneath so it would hold to the forehead forming more of a snug fit.


Im soon to be starting my head piece to match my skirt for my final major piece.I intend to create a head piece that would replicate the ruffles in the skirt. I will follow the same steps as my other headpiece onto how to create this piece.

Tissue paper

I decided to individually place tissue paper, in-between the paper ruffles, to add extra colour and tone. It  also created an effect of more volume.
I chose tissue paper as it reflected the icy feeling i wanted to portray.

somethings missing.

BUT something was missing. Since i put the mannequin in, it needed something to enclose the slight gap in between the mannequin and the structure. I came up with the idea of a waist belt which would attaché around the mannequin and then flow and mix into the skirt.
I used a waspie belt onto which i sewn the ruffles onto this.