Friday, 22 March 2013

22ND MARCH 2013: Jeremy Scott: Adidas Originals

As i clicked quickly on Iggy Azeleas: Work it music video, i was instantly drawn to what she was wearing. Most in particular her adidas pants. Well trousers. Most people i say pants to now a days look at me in shock, due to the difference in accents. Pants for me are trousers, trousers are more like suit pants. But when i say pants at uni, most people look at me like I’m talking about underwear. So thats just the heads up for this post since i start saying pants a lot, I’m not talking about underwear.

I was so determined to try find them and after quick tap on google I’ve realised everybody is in the same position. They are one of the pieces from Jeremy Scotts collection for Adidas originals. Alongside them horrific teddy bear trainers. Which i do not understand however i do understand the rest of the clothing. I love it. Changing the original sports wearing into something different.
I REALLY WANT THESE PANTS. But i can’t find them anywhere. Vintage style added onto it.

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