Monday, 18 March 2013

18th March 2013: Group Meeting

Today we gathered to finalise the remainding posters. We all brought our posters to see what we could do with them and see which posters we had left to do.
With the posters we had we then attached the scrolls and the boarder and background to them all. We left the scrolls blank in so tomorrow morning we would write down the title of each tarot card. We would do them all together so they would be all finished and also that they would be all the same font.
With the remainding posters, i actually created one fo the posters whilst we were together: the death card. I drew a pencil drawing of the skull and then on top in roman numerals i wrote 13. XIII.

The plan with these posters now, that some members of the group have to complete some more posters and then bring them tomorrow to the meeting at the HUB. We then would just only need to add the titles onto the scrolls and then our 13 tarot cards will be finished and ready to be presented.

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