Friday, 18 June 2010


a website for law just for me to remember :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

I've finally decided a theme !

Well guys i have finally decided on a theme for the next 6 weeks of AS level art, and hopefully will carry on to be my frist project in Alevel. I have chosen flowers, rather than tribal. Even though how much i wanted to choose tribal, i dont think it has to much strech and lee way to use for a long project. Hence choosing Flowers.
I have started taking pictures of flowers, when i stayed in newquay and have got some ideas to use, and slo some artists.

Claes Oldenburg as an influence with the giant structures which i would like to do, with this idea linking to surrealism also. Extreme sizes of flowers, which i would sculpture but also take photography which is my strength, with the flowers towering over a person.

Speaking of surrealism, i would use Rene margitte, more so the painting with the man and the apple. I would recreate this but with flowers instead of the fruit.
Another artist idea would be yayoi Kusama. I love her surreal work, and would like to interprate this within my own work.
Also barbra Kruger. With this idea of intreptrating text, which i would want to do. Phrases that you would relate to that particular flower/ Eg; Daisys " He loves me , he loves me not" roses" Roses are red" ect . I would sew these phrases into my scultpures, or add them into my photos ect .

I would consider using, textural mediums. Oilpastels and watercolour and Acrylic, cellotape and other ways of printing i would consider in this project :)