Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12th March 2013: Start of UNIT X

As we found out yesterday we had to meet up at the Hilton House in Northern Quarter, manchester today at 1:30. For this we had to bring our facts that we had researched about 175. 
Arriving there everything was so surreal, it was so confusing. Going to a hall of what reminded me of a youth centre to this everyone sat around in groups. From this we formed out subgroups so we could begin to chat and get to know everyone. 
Surprisingly 7/9 of my group were fashion students which i knew pretty well, and the other 2 were from Film&Media Studies, so we had no textile students within our group. The tutors came to our group first for a little chat to see how we thought, and to see if we had understood everything: to our reply... NO.
The began by telling us to find out a bit about the other 2 students and found out that one was interested in writing, and creating comic strips. The other was interested in Photography.  From this we started to tell each other the facts that we had found from 175, and everyones varied in such a vast way. Some about acters, famous people, years, maps. I said mine which related to maths and when i told everyone the tutors faces dropped, in fact i don't think they expected me to start blabbering on about maths when looking at myself. But when i started to say how to simplify the number and how this creates another number. The main example would be how the sum of the digits 175 add up to 13. Creating such a number. This was really interested in with the tutors and so the rest of the group. 

with this we decided to go with the number 13, and relate it to the superstitious ideas and different superstitions, and lucky charms. Immediately i thought of tarot cards.  With this in mind we began to throw different ideas out on how we could create a poster which needs to be done for next tuesday. We then thought of making 13 posters, each individually relating to different superstitions. 
As a group we started to explore our timetable and how we can meet up and start to get to work. We decided to create a Facebook group,which is the easiest way to begin to speak all together and a place where we can show ideas online. A place to decide on if we need to meet up. 
However we then looked at the timetable and sorted out to whom goes where and where we meet up. All the vital information to begin the work. 
But for tomorrow the two film and media students are in a lecture when we would meet up, and so we decided that the remainders of the group would research the number 13 and superstitions and everything in relation to this theme, and bring these with us tomorrow when we meet up. The other two students would then meet us after their lecture to which we would explain our ideas and see their input within this so we can start to create this unique posters.

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