Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unit 2- Understanding Fashion

Today we arrived to have a briefing induction on our new upcoming project: Understanding fashion. before coming into the lecture theatre i was up and ready to start something new as we havent been doing any work for the past 2 or so weeks.
Basically our work is revolving around the Museum of science and industry. We are having introductions to the archives on monday which allows us to gather information, photos and lots of first had research to help start our project. we are heavily basing it on pattern and colour, and with this pattern creating print which we will be having several workshops on this. Alongside all this research we will be having several workshops on shape making, drawing and print. I am excited to introduce colour in my work and even make my own digital print. 
These 2 weeks before we break up are going to be manic. Over christmas we are asked to follow with this research and get a whole body of work and including research into designers listed within the brief. After christmas our first day back we are going to a trip to Nottingham to fabric source. The followin 2 weeks we need to gather up a body of designs and explore these until we are able to present our final designs through our toil and have our intended fabric in had for our design presentations on the 25th january. From which we have week 5 6 7 to start creating our garments for the deadline of 19th of february. This will be the end of part A. Part B starts straight after for another 2 weeks which is reflecting what we have created and the skills we had learnt in our digital workshops which in my case is Fashion Editorial. We are advised to work in small groups of around 5 to publish our garments and designs which we had created. These will be then exhibted actually in the museum science and industry.

I am really excited to start this new project. I immediatly went to the shop and bought my two new sketchbooks. 1 A3 for my main sketchbook and a small square to start my fabric sourcing when we go on the trip to nottingham.

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