Saturday, 16 February 2013

Generating Fashion- UNIT 1

Today we got given the brief. It suddenly hit me that i am at univeristy studying a fashion design degree. I know that sounded stupid but reading through the brief it was a step up from the work and briefs i was given at foundation diploma. 
I am quite nervous in starting this brief, through all the different stages and processes we have to present. It is alot of information to grasp however i think as soon as time goes by i think it will all start to blend and make more sense.
I am excited to start making the shirt as our first garment and to try the design process for this. 
I have decided to be able to gather a large amount of primary research i am going to attempt to visit at least 1 gallery, exhibtion, or some base of research every 2 weeks. Preferably once a week but that is dependent on the amount of work i have at that time. 
This week they have planned for our class to go to yorkshire sculpture park so that is my first form of research. The week after i hope to attend the platt hall: gallery of costume. To study the structure and patterns and designs shown there.

The brief is that we need to design a garment within a collection that is inspired by the shirt. The reasoning behind the shirt is because alongside this brief we are making a shirt, to induct us into the machines and test our ability.

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