Tuesday, 19 February 2013

19th february- beginning of zine making

After the deadline today of my garment for understanding fashion, we had a digital tutorial with jon, for our zine. We met in our groups to decide what we wanted to do and set some sort of plan to get a head start on our zine. Jon came and helped us do this as we talked through our ideas.
We set some guidelines on our zine.
The font being ARIAL BOLD however with some spacing inbetween. Simplistic.
We then decided on 4 different sizes throughout the zine.
10       16       34       72.

We also decided to have the zine a5 size, with more of a textured paper. We actually went to the a4 or more store to see the types of paper, and there was this off colour white, more of a cool grey which we thought would look more effective rather than bright white.
For the other colour we chose orange as that is in 2 of the garments, but also goes with the other 3. So with this colour we would do some block colour pages, in this colour and then on the front colour do a flap of card which over laps the  front page, in which we will photograph the Manchester city scape.

As we were thinking of titles, we were trying to think of names which were not so random but also which havent been used before. Then we moved onto maybe using a symbol. Which gave me the idea of using numbers as the title.
We eventually thought of using 9;00 which is the time that we are meeting for our photoshoot on Monday.
The photoshoot we were concerned on the styling. We figured of something simplistic eyes, and then dark lower lip with contrasting lighter top lip. The hair being a high bun but a vertical bun. We have 2 models, one with blonde and the other with brown hair.

Maybe something like 9-00 hours as the title.
 Our plan for this week is for Friday, to speak with sarah for our plans and then on Monday have the photoshoot and then hammer doing the zine! Hopefully have it finished that day and ready for printing on Tuesday. 

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