Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unit 2- Designs

From the design presentation and speaking to my tutors, i followed their advise in choosing the design they chose to further expand this and combine other bottom designs to the upper garment. 
I decided to put a design which i liked the bottom of combining it with this upper garment to create the overall garment i have designed and which i will start making a toil with. 
In my designs i have kept alternating the different colour placements in where i will put each colour on which panel. 
From this i also had the idea of using more panelling and sectioning within the upper part of the garment. I particulary like how it is just one strong colour and one strong shape however for more detail, and pattern sectioning this upper part might work better. I tried different ideas, and i quite like this idea. I can decide this later on this progression of the garment as the panelling would be just extra coloured pattern pieces attached on the intial shape.
Today we had a fitting/tutorial, and had to bring our shape development and our toil, and all of our deisgns to show what we are aiming to do for our garment. 
we didnt realise we had to bring a model, so between us we have to bring forward a model for the group for each fitting but for todays session, we had to use each other so myself and sonia and lizzie modelled for each other whilst showing our toiles. 
Before i showed my shape development toil, i explained my design and how that i didnt really know how to propose this idea into a garment. After showing her, she really liked my fabric samples and she told me i should definatly use these within my garment, and the colours i have chosen also. However maybe taking the purple out so that there isnt so much to deal with. 
They were all silky satins, so that the garment wouldnt have so much structure but would hang and drape nice.

And so we decided on the middle design on the image above, however altering the bottom colour placement which later on i decided. 
With this we developed on how i would actually create this garment. Instead of it being one big garment, we figured it would be alot easier to separate it into a top and a skirt. The top would be one piece, but the sleeves created in the orange fabric attached onto the teal fabric top, but working out the two orange panels which i would insert into the teal fabric. This would be gathered at the bottom with a shaped hem.
The skirt itself, we initially tried to replicate my original design with the layered effect, and thought having one skirt on top but with 2 half skirts underneath, however we figured this could look a bit flimsy as the half skirt could look like they just hang there, with no point to them. So then we thought of creating 3 skirts, but then thinking of costs of materials this could actually be a waste of material, so following from this and the idea of inserting panels into the top, we would reflect this into the bottom skirt using the same technique.
With the top shape, i will translate this and cut the panel front and back and use a lighter weight calico ( after washing it, so it would be alot softer and bouncier), i would copy the gathers at the bottom and then work out the panels for the opsing sides of the garment and sew this in, and then attaching this back together. 
later on after the fitting, i played around with the colour placement and narrowed it down to 2 different colour placements which i will have to decide on. 

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