Saturday, 16 February 2013

unit 1- Shape Making

To help us begin to think of shape and different designs, we explored using shirts to experiment and manipulate to create new shapes. We used shirts, because our design has to evolve around a shirt, and inspired by a shirt thus why we making a shirt on the side.
As we arrived we sectioned off into two groups because we were doing two different exercises. The first i did was using 2 white shirts and to manipulate them into different shapes, designs, and different details on a mannequin. I really liked this as it was something creative however i found it quite difficult to use the pins onto the mannequin. I havent used this type of mannequin before so i found it hard to grasp it. After i while i did and this is what i came up with. I tried at first using it from the back and then eventually started to try use the shirt to create volume with the ruffles and pleats. 

 After working individually, we combined with another student so we would have 4 shirts and to see what we came up with.  First me and my friend simon used the collars to create the illusion of an arm hole, then the second arrangment it looked like a dress underneath a jacket by the way we used the collars. Our final arrangment we used the collars of the shirt to create a looped circle pattern around the neck.

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