Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unit 2- Print Making

To start with printing, we all did a print workshop, where we explored colour. It wasn't in relation to our current project however it was to get us going on being brave to use colour. This is me with what i created.

From this i spoke to my tutor and she looked through my ideas, and told me to try and experiment with some sort of tie die from being inspired at MOSI. With this idea, i went on further and tried printing with oil paints and this created an marbling technique.

Alongside these oil paint marbleizing prints, used acrylic to create print but using layer and layers of pint on paper. More like a painting however I photographed these and this became a print. 

 I Photographed all of my favourite prints,and messed around on the computer with them, flipping, reflecting them and all this to make a print and a repeatable print.

I then began to input these into my designs alongside block colour however after speaking to my tutor she advised that I should just stick with block colour and use some abstract colours. 
To decide what colours I chose  actually went back into my research and then picked out colours from each print and put them together. They are individually abstract colours but together actually go together nicely. From this colour palette I was then able to match up some material perfectly for my garment.

--petrol blue

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