Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unit 1 Final Feedback

Waiting for my feedback was very nerve wracking: it is our first ever feedback so i dont have the feel on how they mark our work. I am used to my tutors at foundation course. However i sat down and she told me to get my sketchbook and said i got 65 marks--- THAT MEANS I GOT A 2:1 YAY. 

i was very happy. She then went through how i could improve my work and what works well for me. Imediatly she stated my sketchbook was scrappy which i could agree on because my sketchbook layout was far more like a scrapbook tha a designers sketchbook. I said that i was still in the mindset of working like i did in foundation course but nearer to the end of this project i did start to work more formal and neater like the way she wanted me too. We could see this in the separate sheets i had done for my lineup. She said i was a very good final illustrator which was a nice thing to hear from someone in the fashion industry. She said i should get a display book for my designs which i did on separate paper: so as soon as my feedback finished i went to the student union to buy my new sketchbooks i got a display book with 40 wallets in which i placed my final designs. Next week i am going to photocopy my prep designs in relations to my final deisgns to put next too in my book.
I feel this next project i will make my sketchbook alot clearer and simpler so it looks more professional. BUT I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY GRADE YAY.

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