Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unit 2- MOSI

Our main inspiration for our newest brief is the Museum of Science and Industry. Today we were given an introduction to the Archives however I was a little bit disappointed. When we arrived and went down to the archives, I was expecting a lot more however the man just explained when these are open and available to us, and pointed out at them. We then were able to have a look and document our findings, but there wasn’t much inspiration. There were books and more books.
 I really like the colours of this tie die effect on this material, which was used just for a sign within the museum. The blend of the deep purples with the red and pink fading to white I think is really effective.
The only other thing, which I found inspiring at this museum, was the Wasted Works exhibition: which was all around the art of using the waste from our human body and creating it into something useful of art. The main thing that I liked was a resign structure, which reminded me of icicles. It related to the delicate theme again. From afar it just looked like a structure but up close you see the main reason for this sculpture. They are still in process of this and will hopefully be completed in 2015. It’s a collection of milk teeth, which are donated by the public. So far they have 1,200 and need around 12,000 to cover the entire sculpture. In my opinion I think the teeth ruin the sculpture however without the teeth it wouldn’t relate to its purpose. It was titled: Palaces.

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