Monday, 25 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend 23rd February

This weekend in london with my boyfriend had been amazing, and i was really looking forward to the london fashion weekend at somertset house. 
We had bought tickets for the catwalk (trend) show and the shop. It was at 4-7, and i really didnt know what to expect. When we arrived we were sent straight to the catwalk to the show, and it immediatly started, in which showing around 4 different trends.
graphic art
dolls house

I had a few favourites from each trend section, but the most annoying thing is was the lighting at the end of the runway. as it was so bright you could not see the models or the clothing at all on the photographs. They came out white as you can see in the photos. however you still get the jist to them, and get the atmosphere.
Afterwards, we went around the main part, which had little stalls of designers with their collection. There was a couple of things that caught my eye but not my purse with the prices. ha. However the shops flowed through somersethouse and every room there had more and more designers bursting with clothes and accessories. Personally they werent my cup of tea, i think they were aimed more of the older people, however it was really good to look around.
Overall i really enjoyed the experience of the entire show. 

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