Saturday, 16 February 2013

unit 1- Designs

I began designing, and including my research into my designs. I started to design using the collar and layering up the collar. My tutor told me to expand this further with the concept of layers. With this my design began to expand with layers, with buttons up the centre front and the layers altered in length to relate to the contour lines in my research. I drew a line up of this idea, to see which length looked better, and it ended up looking best as a jacket. I had a cuff and buttons at the centre front which became my details from the shirt.
The colour scheme was chosen through the class, as we had to create an entire collection for our film and we all chose shades of grey: cliché I know but it looked really effective. 
The rest of my collection I added a splash of colour from, blue, green and yellow to put with the grey. This collection I used this concept of layering throughout the 6 piece collection using different styles of garment not al relating to the shirt.

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