Saturday, 16 February 2013

unit 1- SHOOT + FILM

Todays the day of the shoot, and my friend agreed to model my garment for me. Her name is lizzie charlesworth. She studies illustrations at MMU in her second year. Just thought i would give you a bit of background information for you there.
Well we all met at nine: whoever actually showed up. There was around half or a quarter of student missing, which i think was a complete mis-understanding because a message was sent on facebook saying we do not nessasary have to be in. But hey ho we had to do 2 takes today with costumer changes.
It was a great chance to actually see everybodys work as none of us have actually seen everyones because we were constantly making and altering them. I loved everyones garments as a whole and thought everyone had done an amazing job. I cannot wait for what else this degree becomes.
We decided to put all our models hair in a bun and have dark lipstick, which literally made my picture come alive as i had been drawing my designs in this style too. Around half 10 we head to our place where we would shoot. It was the underpass under the mannqunion way. It had all fallen autumn leaves everywhere and had stunning strong architectural shapes everywhere. We lined our models up and filmed them walking away and did alot more filming shots of them walking individually everywhere. After this we started to create some still shots of them all lined up on this masive podium. it looked very effective and we got some amazing shots on here. 
After we had done this we had to repeat everything however with a different garment, but my model had to leave so i left half way through yet my garment had been documented and filmed. 
I had a very productive day and loved all the shots that had been taken. I havent seen any footage from the film however that is being edited this weekend and be finished for next week for our screening.

Last night was the event for showing our Film that a film student: Charlotte Kirby had created. It was hosted at the Vault, which is in the northen quarter underneath Cord. It took me a while to find it, but i went and brought a couple of my flat mates with me and also my boyfriend. 
When went downstairs, it was literally like a basement, i loved how it was all old style, with the features in the walls and all the old tiles. However it w`s so full. Everyone was stood up and it was quite hard to see the projection on the screen, yet when the film started to play everyone settled so we could see. 
The film was set in black and white/ grayscale with the track selected by one of the students: natalia kills controversy. It was a very soft song at the beginging reminding me of something played in france however when it kicked in, it was very powerful and had strong bass with beats. 
The shots selected in the film were some of people getting ready and then everyone lined up. There was walking shots and then everyone stood on the podium at the setting where we were. 
I wish in our video she had done more different shots, because it started to look repetitive however it was a good turn out. The music fit well to our video. 
After the video was played it was then just repeated on a roll throughout the night, we descided to have a drink with a few others upstairs as it was a lot quieter and was able to move. 
The Monochramtic event finished the event off and now tomorrow we will have a lecture on our newest brief: understanding fashion.

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