Saturday, 25 February 2012

susan macmurray.

This is the artist which i have taken inspiration from for my cupcake dress and also for my newest project.Susie MacMurray's work encompasses drawing, sculpture and architectural installations. A former classical musician, she retrained as an artist, graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 2001. She now has an international exhibition profile and shows regularly in the USA and Europe as well as the UK.Drawing is an important part of MacMurray's practice. In addition to her large scale pen & ink work she extends the possibilities of making drawings using unconventional materials including rubber tubing, hair and wax. She also makes pen & ink drawings on a more intimate scale and produces sculptural wall pieces and other work for private commissions.

I have taken inspiration from her Garment sculptures she has created. ON the fact of the carpet underlay she uses to create her sculptures.
She is truly amazing.

This is just one example of what she has created. This is made from hundred of rubber gloves turned inside out!!

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