Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lytham Booths Gallery

My old teacher at sixth form contacted me to let me know that the gallery in lytham is holding an exhibition to promote young artists. This started last year and involved only blackpool sixth form and another college. The exhibition last year was extended due to the amount of visitors interested in this event. Last year they recorded more than 1000 visitors so it is a great opportunity to showcase the high quality work from my school/college.
The Preview is on March 28th and I will be provided with invitations to send out.
Certificates will be given to students and there will be 3 prizes as well.

They want me to showcase my Nail piece! So straight away i went and dug it out from the loft to find that it needs some tweaks. ( Few nails have fallen off). She also mentioned to me that i might be able to show off my newest cupcake dress! To show my progression from sixth form. fingers crossed i would be able to but if not i will still show my nail piece. This one below "metal madonnna" as she describes it as.

Check out the link of the gallery below.

ill keep you updated for any more information on this event.

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