Saturday, 25 February 2012

#New project.... repetitive forms

At my foundation course; we are getting to the point where we are starting our self directed project. We are having to decided where we want to take this project and have the ability to create our own assignment and brief.

I have decided to carry on my ideas from the previous two pieces i have created in my specialist option. In either of these i have repeated the pattern created from paper doilies and cup cake cases to create and extravagant piece of clothing to wear.

The cupcake dress i created by making a structure upon the shoulders where i attached over 600 cases onto this one after another. The skirt i made from an old bed sheet, inspired by SUSAN MACMURRAY. She created a garment structure using the same method of repetition. SHe involves a slab of carpet underneath the dress to create the shape and add weight onto the entire piece.
From this artist i used a small amount of carpet under my trail so that it would sit on the floor properly. On which i attached even more cupcake cases. Overall i used 1000.

Here is a photoshoot in the studio i got my friend who is a photographer to take photos of myself wearing this creation.

From this over half term we had to do a quick piece in relation to what we have just done. I wanted to carry on with the frills, and using the paper material and again i wanted to some sort of neck piece. I Did some designs and came up with using paper doilies. I made a strong neck piece which carrys down at the back following the contortions of the spine.

These two pieces are the ones i want to take inspiration from to create my newest self directed project. I want to carry on the idea of repetitive forms, and using paper based materials to indulge into make something wearable. But i am thinking BIG!!!!! Following alexander mcqueens footsteps and taking it to the next level. I feel this idea of "Repetitive forms" can be taken as far as can be.

lets just see what happens. Ill keep y'all updated.

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