Monday, 1 April 2013

1st April 2013: Lighting atmosphere

Relating to my posts about creating an atmosphere within the installation ( if we did go forward in creating an installation) I think that the lighting would play a role within this idea.  I found some inspiring images of dangling lightbulbs which i think look spectacular, i feel the image which combines other objects swell as the bulbs is really strong. 

There were also somebody who had created this little creations inside the bulb, as basic as natural flowers or leaves i thought this looks quite eary and has a weird feel which i thikn reflects and relates to witchcraft and superstitions.

I also went into the shop ALL SAINTS on a trip to london, and i was really intrigued by the vintage lightbulbs. I thought this looks really interesting and good back up research to this idea.

On this trip to london i also went and ventured ion camden market and came across this cluttered little shop in the stables which sold everything and it immediately reminded me of a witches coven or a fortune tellers place.
EVERYTHING is everything in that place, you could get anything.

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