Friday, 7 September 2012

Ceramic Slip Technique

My teacher introduced me with a new technique which involved dipping material into a ceramic mixture to which when it dried in the kiln it would hold to the pattern of the material i used to dip.

I intended to create a shoulder piece that hung onto the shoulders and wrapped around the neck. However it fell in the kiln it had shrunk and so it was too small.

I really liked the effect of this, as the slip holds onto the pattern of the material i dipped into the mixture. I also like the shape of this piece. After this i attempted to create a corset using the same material, yet this was a failure also as it fell in the kiln.

I really wanted to make use of this slip and make it work after several attempts so i thought i could try for a third time lucky. I attempted to create another shoulder piece as the same as the first one, but use a males mannequin as this would be larger and then it would shrink more into a ladies size. With the excess material i made a small hat.

As the others did, i had no luck. The shoulder piece fell in the kiln so this did not work. But the hat came out fine, but it was too small. 
After all this, i decided to alter my design for my final piece and not use this technique. But at least i tried it several times.

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