Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Themes help??


So now i am trying to figure out my new theme for now A2 Level Artcombined.
I first though of going for a "tribal theme". I love the idea of the blocks of colours and combining shapes to create the intreging jewellry they were. I had an idea of actually making this, and also using paint to recreate it, body paint on someones body.
I love this composistion of this image below, and love the jewellry, and this would be a starting point to my tribal theme if i carry on with this idea.
Also i was inspired for this idea by "kelis Acapella." The costumes she wears in this are just amazing. I Love the idea of these costumes she is wearing above. The neck piece i would want to recreate in my style.

Another idea that i thought of is a Natural Form of " Flowers". Also including the idea of Surrealism. Having ideas, for example a Daisy. Making this to a extreme size, and taking photographs of these larger than a person, by the angle of my camera. Also more ideas for this theme, would be Creating these "flowers" at a large scale.? The colours of pop art ect.

I want to create something contexual as that i would be able to create more structual pieces as that is my stronger aspect to my work.
any ideas?

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